Meet our team

We love walking in every day knowing that what we do is helping cats find loving homes!
Home is where my cats are!
Mary Margaret
Live, Laugh, Meow
I feel the weight as my cat nestles into the crook of my knees... I sigh and wait for sleep to come.
Sorry, I'll be late today. I have a cat on my lap.
Karma is a cat!
Violet Burns
I have lived with several zen masters, all of them cats.
My only goal in life is to convince every cat I'm their friend.
It's the kitty cat life for me, sleep all day and play all night!
My cats rule everything around me.

The Founders

Clare and Lisa

We are beyond grateful every day that we get to put our passions to work for kitties in need.  We think Cats at Play Café is purrfect and hope you will too!
Our Mission