Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about us, our cats, and our café.
Why is there an age minimum to visit the cat café?
Our fosters kitties range in age, size, socialization, and temperament, so for their comfort and safety, we strictly follow our age policy of 8 years old unless you reserve the cat lounge via kiddie kitty time. Kiddie kitty time is a kid friendly reservation time slot between 10am and 11am every Saturday morning and 11am to 12pm every Monday.

We believe it is important for children of all ages to learn about cats; however, having children under 8 in the cat lounge all the time can be tricky for both the kids and the kitties.

Please note that we reserve the right to ask anyone of any age to exit the cat lounge if we feel the comfort and safety of our cats are being compromised.
Can I bring my cat?
Although we would love to meet everyone’s fur babies, please do not bring your cat to the cat café. We will have plenty of foster kitties for you to visit and play with.
Can I bring my dog?
We welcome service dogs in the café; however, service dogs are excluded from the cat lounge due to the instincts dogs and cats have that lead towards antagonistic interactions. We are a foster home for our kitties and want to keep them safe and happy.
Can I bring a homeless cat or a cat I need to rehome?
Unfortunately, we cannot take in cats until they have been thoroughly vetted and quarantined. Check out these resources our shelter partner, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, provided for bringing in a stray or rehoming your cat.
What does it mean to sponsor a cat?
Sponsoring a cat is a great way to help them find their forever homes even if you can't adopt them yourself. Sponsoring simply means covering the adoption fees of a cat.

Reach out to us via or by phone 828-505-2166 to get more info.
Can I visit the café/shop without a reservation to the cat lounge?
Yes! We would love to have you visit our café and boutique. We have an array of cat-themed merchandise. We also have a variety of local art and jewelry, as well as cat toys and treats. You’re welcome to grab a drink and/or bite to enjoy in the café or on the go.
Are reservations required?
While we allow walk-ins when space is available, we highly recommend booking a reservation to guarantee a visit to hang out and enjoy our foster kitties.
Why do I have to pay to visit with the cats?
Our #1 priority in everything we do at Cats at Play Café is to get as many kitties as possible into loving homes while keeping them safe, healthy, and happy until they are adopted. Feel good knowing 100% of your reservation/entrance fee goes towards helping us care for the kitties in our rescue lounge.
Adoption fees?
For our non-profit rescue partners, the adoption fee doesn’t increase for cats who have needed extensive medical treatment or have been in their care for a prolonged period. It doesn’t decrease for cats who need less medical care and/or are adopted quickly. 100% of the adoption fees go to our rescue partner/our heroes.
Can I take photos?
Pictures (no flash please) and videos are encouraged, and we’d love for you to tag us @catsatplaycafe on social media!

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