Our Guidelines

Even though our foster kitties are generally well mannered and good natured, they can be unpredictable. Keep in mind that cats can be playful, loving, curious, aloof, energetic, lazy, and even grumpy, all on the same day.

To make the visit as safe and enjoyable as possible, for you and the kitties, we ask that you follow our cat lounge guidelines:

Guests 8 years of age & older may enjoy drinks/snacks in the lounge while visiting our kitties. One adult per 2 children younger than 13 years old is required to ensure the comfort of our cats.

Children under 8 years old are permitted when you book all 12 spots for a private cat lounge visit or book one of our Kiddie Kitty times.

Keep doors to the rescue lounge closed to make sure kitties do not get out.

Do not sit or stand on anything that is meant for the kitties.

Do not feed the cat's people food. We have kitty treats available.

Cats have very sensitive hearing. Use inside voices, with no yelling, screaming, or other loud noises.

Cats love to run, jump, play, and chase each other. That said, do not chase them or allow your child to.

Cats are happiest when all of their paws are on the ground or in your lap, many do not like to be picked up. It's usually best to let the kitties come to you.

If a cat is hiding, sleeping, or displaying signs of fear or aggression, such as - flattened ears, hissing, puffed up fur - please do not touch or disturb that kitty.

If you have a question or concern about a kitty, please let a team member know.

To ensure the well being of our kitties as well as our guests, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the rescue lounge at any time if our guidelines are not being followed. In such case no refunds will be applicable.