Jackson Galaxy "The Cat Daddy"

January 27, 2024

Jackson Galaxy is the host and executive producer of Animal Planet's long running hit show “My Cat From Hell.” Affectionately known as "The Cat Daddy," he isn't just a TV personality – he's also a compassionate advocate for our feline friends. With more than 25 years of experience working with cats and their guardians it’s no surprise he’s well known. 

Before gaining fame as "The Cat Daddy" Jackson's journey began in a local animal shelter, where he discovered his extraordinary knack for connecting with cats. Over the years, this working musician turned into a cat behavior and wellness expert, dedicating his life to understanding the intricate world of our four-legged companions. Transitioning from shelters to private practices, Jackson's expertise blossomed into the inspiration for "My Cat From Hell." The show, now in its tenth season, has not only captured the hearts of viewers but has also turned Jackson into a global phenomenon, leading the way in our worldwide obsession with all things feline.

Beyond the TV screen, Jackson pours his passion into a growing collection of best-selling books, such as "Catify to Satisfy" and "Catification," both gracing the prestigious New York Times Best-Sellers List. His latest masterpiece, "Total Cat Mojo," is a comprehensive guide to achieving total cat wellness and overcoming behavioral challenges by delving into the instincts of our beloved feline friends.

In 2004, Jackson extended his mission by launching an online retail store, offering Holistic Solutions crafted in collaboration with veterinarian Jean Hofve. The success of these solutions paved the way for an expanded line of products, including toys, beds, and a non-toxic cleaner for pet stain & odor removal. Every item in the store is carefully chosen, reflecting Jackson's wealth of cat knowledge and years of hands-on experience.

True to his commitment to the well-being of all animals, Jackson initiated the Jackson Galaxy Project in 2015, now a Signature Program of GreaterGood.org. This project aims to transform the lives of at-risk animals by enhancing their living spaces and supporting those who care for them through life-saving programs and partnerships. Jackson's ultimate goal is to educate people about cats, strengthen the human-feline bond, and reduce the number of animals ending up in shelters.

In the world of feline enthusiasts, Jackson Galaxy stands out not just as a well known TV personality but as a heartfelt advocate, enriching the lives of cats and their guardians with warmth, wisdom, and an unwavering commitment to a brighter future for our beloved feline companions.