Catio Outdoor Cat Enclosures

January 27, 2024

Is your indoor feline friend eyeing the great outdoors, but you're torn between their curiosity and the safety of both your pet and local wildlife? Fear not, caring cat guardian! The answer might just be a touch of purrfection—introducing the marvelous world of catios!

Picture this: your cat basking in the sunlight, feeling the breeze on their fur, and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature—all from the safety of a screened porch designed just for them. Catios are the ideal solution to bridge the gap between your indoor-loving kitty and the allure of the outdoors.

Benefits of catios extend beyond pampering your feline companion—they safeguard wildlife, provide a (safe) slice of outdoor life for your cat, and deliver a sensory smorgasbord of novel smells, sights, and sounds for your furball's delight.

Now, choosing a catio may feel like a daunting task, but fear not, we've got your back. Before you embark on your catio journey, ask yourself some key questions. What's your catio goal? Enriching your indoor cat's life or expanding your living space to the great outdoors? What's your budget—whether you're DIY-ing or buying, there's a catio for every purse. Consider your space, whether it's a window box or a dedicated room, and check if any permissions are needed from landlords or local authorities.

So, what goes into making a catio feel like home? Well, aside from the obvious (like a litter box and fresh water), make it comfy for both you and your feline friend. Add a human-sized door, space for a chair, a side table, maybe even a lamp. Spruce it up with cat-friendly plants, ensuring they're non-toxic and suitable for your climate. And for that extra touch of enrichment, a bird bath or water fountain nearby will have your cat enjoying a front-row seat to nature's spectacle.

If you're leaning towards a ready-made catio, we've got some top picks for you:

Best Overall: Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House ($195)

We adore the Aivituvin Catio Outdoor Cat House—it's not just sturdy and feature-packed but also rolls on wheels for easy maneuvering. With three elevated wooden platform levels and a cozy resting house on top, it's a feline paradise. Plus, the waterproof asphalt roof and screened walls ensure your furball stays protected in style.

Best for Yards: Kitty City Outdoor Mega Kit ($95)

Constructed over a plastic frame with nylon mesh, the Kitty City Outdoor Mega Kit is the epitome of outdoor play. Easy to assemble and expandable, it offers more than just a screened-off area, boasting hiding cubbies and an elevated bed platform. And fear not, your clever cat won't find an escape route—those zippers are on the outside!

Best for Multiple Cats: Aivituvin Outdoor Catio Kitty Enclosure ($347)

For the ultimate cat kingdom, the Aivituvin Outdoor Catio Kitty Enclosure steals the show. Standing tall at 70 inches, it features six platforms, two resting boxes, and a middle platform, making it perfect for multiple feline friends. Durable mesh, reinforced wooden corners, and a waterproof roof ensure both safety and longevity.

Now, if you're feeling crafty and want to build your own catio, there's a world of possibilities awaiting you. Research, plan ahead, maybe even find pre-written catio plans, and voila—you'll be the architect of your cat's dreams.

And remember, introduce your cat to their new catio at a peaceful moment, allowing them to explore at their own pace. Before you know it, you and your feline companions will be relishing a safe outdoor haven filled with joy and charm. Happy catio-ing! 🐾